The hospitality app provider

Advanced hospitality applications and technology for optimal guest experience

‘Life is a journey not a destination’, often used in many captives as one of the lifestyle slogans. ROOM8 is all about beating traffic, increasing people’s efficiency, gaining loyalty and above all increasing revenues in a stylish and romantic way.

All this by delivering a sustainable solution, which decreases paper waste, reduces use of heat and electricity and deliver exactly what a hotel guests wants and needs ‘rest’.

The development and technology team is based in Stockholm, Sweden. One of the most advanced and technology savvy cities in the world is the heartbeat of the ROOM8.

The company mission is to continuously respond to guest and travel demand assisting in emotional and sensible online decisions to create a better living and working environment for the traveler.

ROOM8 offers a range of applications for the guest or hotel phone and tablet. Every application and integration is originated from a guest expectation perspective.

Welcome to the journey of luxury, the journey that will make your company shine by offering the ultimate service solution for your guest, based on them and only them!