Loyalty driven hospitality technology

Advanced hospitality applications and technology for optimal guest experience

The company aims to improve and maximize the time a traveler can spend on her or his wellbeing, that’s all we have to offer and that delivery is the service that we stand for. As soon as a guest has booked the hotel the guest will receive an app to download, the communication with the hotel starts right there.

There are numerous advantages for the guests, that can be split into pre arrival, during and post stay.

New revenue streams

Facilitating the guest is what the entire luxury experience should be about. Naturally the benefits for hotels for using the ROOM8 digital technology are of extreme importance. Traditionally hotels were able to charge for Internet and movies, as well as many other services that are nowadays an expectation.

Looking for new revenue streams is not a secret and we clearly see a trend that interests guests to be part of the technology, the future and to live the advantages of everything that lives in the virtual world.

Cost saving

Research show that there is a very fast return on investment, mostly coming from revenue increases, like up-selling, room service orders, entertainment, but also cost saving in paper and electricity and increase in staff efficiency, as the system promotes dialogue between staff and guests.

So forgetting all the technical implications we will differentiate for every hotel between a business offering and leisure offering to the guest.

ROOM8 will design in line with the hotel branding instructions, a full package online, that includes a range of offerings that are very different or at least feel and look very different for the guest.

Business or Leisure

Whether the guest is on a business or leisure trip is left fully to the guest. They will be asked as soon as they download the hotel app, or access the system from within the hotel from the in room tablet, what the purpose of their stay is. The reason again for differentiating the two, is to ensure the ultimate offering is applied for the guest and delivery for the guest.

In research it was clear that the business traveler has entirely different interests than the leisure traveler. Most of those are quite easy to imagine and others are not so straightforward and have a technologic implication on the hotel, which in reality is of no or little value for the guest.

Guest Satisfaction

For ROOM8 and the hotel ensuring the interests are met and exceeded are of extreme importance, as the objective is to come as close as possible to ultimate guest satisfaction.