ROOM8 for your Guests

ROOM8 is your opportunity to add a personality to the business and define an entirely new way to deliver to guest satisfaction

The company aims to improve and maximize the time a traveler can spend on her or his wellbeing, that’s all we have to offer and that delivery is the service that we stand for. Understanding what the intensity of travel and the impact on our well-being has for business or leisure is not an easy task.
By understanding the market from the traveler and the hotel or airline point of view, we found a clear need for the separation within the two. The company introduces the ROOM8. An online solution that facilitates a large number of personal process throughout a business or leisure trip.

Key Guest Features

Book Airport Transfer

Airport transfer can be booked directly from the app.

Housekeeping Requests

Order housekeeping services, like the turn down service.

Online check in & check out

Check in/out can be done directly from the app.

Bookings & Orders

Instant bookings for Restaurants, Golf, Spa treatments and Transport.

Room Controls

Regulating lighting and temperature in the room.

Room Service

Food and beverages can be ordered directly from the app.

Multi Screens

ROOM8 can be viewed on a Tablet, Smart phone or the TV in the room.

Loaded with Entertainment

Access to third party suppliers of entertainment like games and movies.

Access the Bill

Access the bill directly from the app.

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Guest Services

As soon as a guest has booked the hotel the guest will receive an app to download, the communication with the hotel starts right there. There are numerous advantages for the guests, that can be split into pre arrival, during and post stay.

Some of the pre arrival services most used

  • Book an airport transfer
  • Online check in
  • Book a table in restaurant
  • Order special housekeeping request

The popular services used during the stay

  • Direct orders and booking in restaurant or the spa
  • Entertainment services like movies and games
  • Regulating lighting and temperature in the room
  • Order housekeeping services, like the turn down
  • Collect loyalty points
  • Get the daily promotions

After the stay the guest can connect

  • To check the billing
  • Receive offers from the hotel and affiliates
  • Send feedback on the hotel services
Online Check in Request