ROOM8 for your Hotel

It’s all about beating traffic, increasing people’s efficiency, gaining loyalty and above all increasing revenues in a stylish and romantic way

Facilitating the guest is what the entire luxury experience should be about. Naturally the benefits for hotels for using the RoomMate digital technology are of extreme importance.

Traditionally hotels were able to charge for Internet and movies, as well as many other services that are nowadays an expectation. Looking for new revenue streams is not a secret and we clearly see a trend that interests guests to be part of the technology, the future and to live the advantages of everything that lives in the virtual world.

ROOM8 promotes hotels to think about facilitating the stay of a guest, with a simple tool, which is easy to use and promotes a dialogue between the hotel staff and the guest.

Research show that there is a very fast return on investment, mostly coming from revenue increases, like up-selling, room service orders, entertainment, but also cost saving in paper and electricity and increase in staff efficiency, as the system promotes dialogue between staff and guests.

Key Hotel Features

Business or Leisure

ROOM8 will automatically adjust to the guest needs.

Loyalty System

Increase guest loyalty by linking the system to the loyalty system.


Promotes dialogue between guest and staff.

Increase market awareness

Define an entirely new way to deliver to guest satisfaction.


Varying from garbage separation, reduction in energy and cleaning materials.

Increased Reveue

Increased average rate, up-sell, and overall improve revenues.

Cost Saving

Digital compendium and energy savings.

Business Intelligence

Performance charts and graphs can be viewed in real time.

Content Control

Control your content, products, menus and promotions in real time.

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Hotel Advantages

The ROOM8 technology can be totally personalized to match the branding standards to be the most efficient marketing tool. ROOM8 is your opportunity to add a personality to the business and define an entirely new way to deliver to guest satisfaction.

Below are some of the largest advantages for hotels to deliver to the Luxury promise!

  • Personalize the guest’s hotel stay
  • Create an offering adjusted fully to the guest
  • Increased market awareness
  • Increase guest loyalty by linking the system to the loyalty system
  • Increase Guest satisfaction
  • Ultimate marketing tool
  • Contribute to the environment
  • Adjust business offerings as a result of very detailed statistics
  • Increased average rate, up-sell, and overall improve revenues
  • Cost saving
  • Promotes dialogue between guest and staff
  • Access to very detailed statistics