For the Hotel

For ROOM8 and the hotel ensuring the interests are met and exceeded are of extreme importance, as the objective is to come as close as possible to ultimate guest satisfaction:

  • Reduction of check in/out time
  • Functions as device for hotel employees, and replaces old mobile phone hotel systems
  • Increased revenues and upselling
  • Replaces telephones in the rooms
  • Sustainable solution
  • Access to 2 way communication with guest at all times
  • Integration to hotel systems, resulting in direct billing updates
  • Secured room solution, deletion of all guest details on check out
  • Fully aligned with hotel brand or branding
  • Use of guest analytics to optimize business models

For the Guests

The exciting features are numerous, as they include anything that is connected to the internet, but also to the hotel systems, loyalty systems and in room lighting:

  • Online check in and check out
  • Leisure or Business purposes defined
  • Online bookings and adjustments for restaurants, room service, Golf, Spa treatments and transport
  • Entertainment online or on tv
  • Mobile in room telephone and free VOI calls
  • Room controls, for lighting and temperature according to mood settings
  • Unlimited internet access
  • Access to third party suppliers of entertainment
  • Guest accessible during stay
  • Access to bill

Tracking and statistics

Hotels are fully engaged in tracking and forecasting. Yielding is of course a great example that in the recent decade has become a key role in the Sales efforts.

With ROOM8 there are endless tools built in to ensure you can pull out essential data from your system. This data can be translated directly into creation of additional revenues. An example you know when and where you can use your personnel best, what items you should remove from your menu, what opening times of the spa are booked most to name just a few.

The tools also give you your return on investment, increase in room service revenues for example, or use of your promotions you can send out with the system. A field of opportunity for those analysts in the hotel.

Loyal Guests

Guests are expecting the best service, rooms, sleep and much more from the hotel. It has become an expectation, and an expectation is hard to exceed. Guests are becoming loyal and attracted to bonus points, kick back, rewards and such means that incentivize return stays.

ROOM8 has developed many ways to increase loyalty, by connecting to loyalty systems, through system integration. Rewards and promotions are easy to implement, because of the direct communication with the guest.

Returning guests are recognized with their preferable settings, and deliveries are exceeding expectations.

ROOM8 takes loyalty to the next level, and continues to develop integration and rewards for guests.

Sustainability and security

Sustainability is high on the agenda of many hotels these, varying from garbage separation, reduction in energy and reduction of cleaning materials and washing of towels.

ROOM8 contributes to all of the above, by creating personal selections, guests can choose whether to have the room or towels cleaned. Paper reduction, like invoices, kitchen printing, or housekeeping lists can be eliminated, apart from reducing footprint in the property and reducing time.

Energy costs are reduced by lowering temperatures, or turning down air-conditioning at night, or when the guest is not in the room. Considerable savings are the result and increased comfort for the guests.

Security is of high importance to many guests, feeling safe and taken care off. The tablet or app function improves the direct communication when the guest is in need of something. All the data accessed by the guest is deleted upon check out. In case of emergencies the hotel can communicate directly with the guest, and of course the other way around too. Overall there any many ways to save costs and improve efficiency. ROOM8 continues to develop and invest in the future to improve sustainable solutions.

Business or Leisure

In research it was clear that the business traveler has entirely different interests than the leisure traveler. Most of those are quite easy to imagine and others are not so straightforward and have a technologic implication on the hotel, which in reality is of no or little value for the guest. For ROOM8 and the hotel ensuring the interests are met and exceeded are of extreme importance, as the objective is to come as close as possible to ultimate guest satisfaction.

So forgetting all the technical implications we will differentiate for every hotel between a business offering and leisure offering to the guest. ROOM8 will design in line with the hotel branding instructions, a full package online, that includes a range of offerings that are very different or at least feel and look very different for the guest.

Whether the guest is on a business or leisure trip is left fully to the guest. They will be asked as soon as they download the hotel app, or access the system from within the hotel from the in room tablet, what the purpose of their stay is. The reason again for differentiating the two, is to ensure the ultimate offering is applied for the guest and delivery for the guest.

The exciting features are numerous, as they include anything that is connected to the internet, but also to the hotel systems, loyalty systems and in room lighting.

Instant Orders

The way people interact is very different than 10 years ago, much of what we used to verbally has been transitioned into virtual means. That will continue to change and impact our lives tremendously, eventually leaving more time for us to enjoy life, and lead work life more efficiently.

In hotels we are well developed to follow the trend of virtual interaction. ROOM8 however takes it to a much more advanced level. With existing offerings and deliveries that beat any of the competition, it stands out by recognizing already at early stage who the guest is and how best to serve this guest.

Operationally hotels realize that orders, no matter if that is a towel from housekeeping, a romantic table at the beach, a luxury transfer into town, or a room service order.

The introduction of the ROOM8 solution in a hotel gives the guest direct access to booking anything they want. Research shows that the guests are using promotions, are ordering more and more often and use the system to communicate directly with staff to ensure that for example room service is on its way.

Freedom of ordering is a personal affair and guest satisfaction automatically follows.


With every app we download on our phone or tablet, or every page we access on the internet, or channel we access on tv, we look for confirmation of something that is exciting, or news.

The hotel has the opportunity to generate revenues from all third party contracts, like Spotify, Filmnet, HBO, Betting sites, Table Top solutions, hotel booking engines and many more. Ultimately delivering exactly what the guest is looking for or what might catch the interest.

The entertainment selected by the guest can be viewed on the Tablet, the phone or the TV in the room.

The ultimate solutions are never ending for the guests, the offerings will evolve and ROOM8 will be the first with new development.


Hotels have always had challenges with check out at the same time, connecting with the guest, and even knowing the guest name.

The guest is looking for recognition in a stay, there is no limit to personalized service.

With ROOM8 the staff can connect directly with the guest, can see who the guest is and the exact need or request of the guest. Direct communication improves guest satisfaction, response time, and a two way dialogue.

Good communication results in increased sales and revenue opportunities. Internally with the hotel staff can use the system to improve orders, between restaurant and kitchen, front desk and housekeeping, urgent matters and many more. The internal communication results not only in revenue increases but also in much more efficient and cost saving efforts, like reduction of printing materials, implementation of Priority listings for Engineering, last minute guest, or group updates and much more.

Naturally the implementation of the ROOM8 system will finally eliminate the expensive carry phones that currently are used in most hotels. Communication is such a broad term, ROOM8 makes it a definition.

Room Controls

No more running out of batteries, buttons that are missing, and in room systems that take 10 minutes to figure out. That is the past, we have moved on.

ROOM8 understands the guest, the mood and aims to be the ultimate room control centre. Setting the room temperature, changing TV channels, opening the curtains, light up the do not disturb sign and turn on the lights manually or by pressing the mood function.

In room comfort is the ultimate personal touch delivered by ROOM8.